bandphoto 01 (1170x564, original)


Δ Shadowdust ∇ are that sort of band doing what they do best and taking their own approach on things. This is why after some turbulent sequences of change in line-up and rehearsal places since being founded around Kortrijk (Belgium), they now survived as a strong three-membered piece. Whilst locking themselves up in a container somewhere in this small quiet village with only a farmer as neighbour, they blend sounds familiar mainly to the progressive rock/metal scene but with a wide prospecting towards all musical genres. Resulting in what could be called ‘progressive avant-garde’.

Are you that kind of person to be blown away by something never before being played to your ears? Then Shadowdust might present something of worth to you!

  • Δ J. Hauspie ∇
    guitars // “there are no boundaries when it comes to imagination. it’s limitless.”
  • Δ B. Villez ∇
    bass // “artful mathematics: the heritage of M. C. Escher”
  • Δ J. Huyghe ∇
    drums // “that what is proved by impossibility proofs, is a lack of imagination.”